Vanguard Council mission: Inspire & cultivate a community of thought leaders, innovators, trailblazers who are reshaping our industry to support success through connections.

Goal: To bolster LAAHU membership with “Forward Thinkers”

  • Recruit 60 Vanguard Council associate members by end of Fiscal Year (Jun ’16)
  • Average 30 attendees per event
  • Recruit 10 new LAAHU members as a result of Vanguard Council


  • Where the industry is heading! With or without us
  • Generational Insight
  • Better membership retention overall


  • New idea to our industry/association
  • “Forward Thinkers” are spread out and not the norm in our industry
  • Navigating the urban sprawl of LA – figuring out where to have the events for them to make sense
  • Getting to newly licensed agents and isolated “Forward Thinkers”

Goals for 2015-16

  • Recruit committed Executive Board (4 more people)
  • Recruit Influencers” who will attend events and spread the word
  • Recruit “Ambassadors” (>30 mins per person per month dedicated to promoting LAVC through Text and Call campaigns)


  • Events at least 2x/quarter
    North LA/Valley (Josh Kaufman & Josh Casas to spearhead),
    South LA County/South Bay (Michelle Iafigliola to spearhead)
    Downtown LA (Joint effort thusfar)
  • Co-hosting events with other organizations – CalCPA Young & Emerging Professionals, Young Financial Advisors (NAIFA YAT), Young Entrepreneurs, EBPA, Young HR Professionals, Attorney Young Professionals
  • Collaborate with other local Vanguard chapters – regular virtual meetings with IE, OC, SD Vanguard leadership – why reinvent the wheel?
  • Tie in some sort of Vanguard “disruptive” event at University Day (4/13/16)
  • Percentage of proceeds going to LAAHU-approved charity (new ideas of charities are welcomed – must go through LAAHU vetting process)

Board Details

Board Positions (we are open to new ideas, comment below or email us):

  • Director – Michelle Iafigliola
  • Programming for North LA County – co-chairs Josh Kaufman & Josh Casas
  • Programming for South LA County – Michelle Iafigliola
  • Head of Outreach – ?      – in charge of committee that is actively calling and texting for new members and to spread the word about events
  • Head of Sponsorship – Josh Casas –  sponsors will help us to have events that are even more awesome
  • Web Nerd – ?    –  helping Justin Bose with Vanguard-specific communications via LAAHU website, mailchimp e-blasts, social media
  • Other ideas of positions?

Programming Ideas (Please comment with your ideas below or email us!!!)


  • Spinning
  • Yoga
  • Runnning drills + HOKA run/walk
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Dodgeball (maybe at a CF gym)
  • Trampoline dodgeball @ SkyZone
  • SUP Stand Up Paddle (Tarzan Standup)
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boot camp workout


  • How to read labels at the grocery store
  • FarmFresh To You
  • My Fit Foods
  • Juicing
  • Chiropractors
  • Ergonomics
  • Bowling
  • Meditation event – “Mental Wellness”
  • Ping Pong (Club Spin at Standard)
  • Nutrition talk by a Personal Trainer
  • Fit devices
  • Cornhole tournament
  • Wellness presentation by Humana
  • Panel: “Sorting through benefits technology options” – HRIS, PR, ATS
  • Oscar Health – newest health insurance carrier, all individual at this point

Level of Sweatiness Unsure

  • Allen Selner’s human performance lab Center for Mechanical Medicine
  • Jonathan Club event (Peter Bigler)
  • Tasting Room at Greenbar Craft Distillery
  • Tasting Event at Malibu Winery

Sponsorship List

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