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Michelle Iafigliola
HUB International, Employee Benefits Producer

Director of Vanguard Council

Why did you join Vanguard Council?
Michelle I:
The average broker in our industry has been said to be a male in his late 50s.  Not all, but many of these stereotypical brokers are doing things the same way they always have and just cruising through to their retirement age.  If we don’t do something about this we will have some serious problems in 10-15 years.  There are forward-thinkers in our industry, we just need to find them and unite them to make a change.  I’ve always been inspired to connect people and facilitate collaboration to achieve better results. It comes from my team sports background.  This industry needs disrupting, anyone can tell that. Rather than an outside force swooping in and “Napstering” us, we can do our own disrupting!  I’ve always been an innovator and realized that this industry needed disrupting when I joined it 5 years ago. It’s not necessarily going to be easy but as they say “nothing worth having comes easy“. Let’s do this!

Josh Kaufman
Humana, Sales Executive (Employer Groups 2-3000)
Vanguard Council Programming, Outreach, Sponsorship

Why did you join Vanguard Council?
Josh K: We are seeing the greatest change in the insurance industry in our lifetime.  It’s all about working together to be more inclusive sharing ideas with the next generation and helping others find their way. The mission of Vanguard Council resonated with me: people leading the way with new developments or ideas.  Anytime an organization wants to get new ideas to help transform itself, I’m up for the challenge.

Phil Litvin photoPhil Litvin
First Capitol Consulting, Business Development Executive
Vanguard Council Outreach

Why did you join Vanguard Council?
Phil L: Health Care Reform, the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) in particular is changing the landscape and the playing field of the healthcare world. Young professionals just coming into the game have an untapped and unrealized advantage in that they are not married to the traditional methodology of this industry. Building a network of partners, channels and strategic alliances is paramount to success, and I joined the Vanguard Council to bring together young professionals across many fields and businesses to do just that. Using our network of experts and technology, young brokers should be able to accommodate any client or prospect, and be able to compete with anybody including the titans at the top of this industry.

Steven Griswold
Griswold & Griswold Insurance

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