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Amy Evans 1Amy Evans, President at Colibri Insurance Services
14431 Ventura Blvd., #514, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
M 323.633.2263     E
CA Insurance License 0K32037

Why Vanguard Council? The health insurance industry is in a period of rapid evolution, and I think it’s important to be with people who see that change as an opportunity to grow and better serve our clients. The Vanguard Council is a collection of forward-thinkers who see that opportunity.



Joe GenovaJoe Genova, LISI Field Sales Representative
21700 Oxnard St, Suite 440, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818.312.1228     E

Why Vanguard Council? I am excited to join the Vanguard Council because, collectively, we represent the benefits broker of the 21st century.  We view the post-ACA world of benefits as a market of opportunity and strive to continually challenge the status quo.


Headshot - SG small

Steve Griswold, President at Griswold Insurance
25550 Hawthorne Blvd. Ste 200, Torrance CA 90505
Vanguard Council Committee 2014-15

Why Vanguard Council? Between a rapid paradigm shift of how business is being done to a gap in agent demographics, the insurance industry more than ever needs the participation of the next generation of thought leaders and disruptors. Here at the Vanguard Council, an environment of collaboration — not competition — is the agenda. Through introductions to cutting edge products and services to close-knit networking, agents of like minds can work together for shared success. Remember: we’re all in this together.


michelle Profile pic 1Michelle Iafigliola, Employee Benefits Producer
Director of LAAHU Vanguard Council 2014-2016
M 949.445.6424     E  B Blog
CA Insurance License 0I13421

Why did you join Vanguard Council?  The average broker in our industry has been said to be a 60 year old male.  Not all, but many of these stereotypical brokers are doing things the same way they always have and just cruising through to their retirement age.  If we don’t do something about this our industry and the businesses of the world will have some serious problems in 10-15 years.  There are forward-thinkers in our industry, we just need to find them and unite them to make a change.  I’ve always been inspired to connect people and facilitate collaboration to achieve better results. It comes from my team sports background.  This industry needs disrupting, anyone can tell that. Rather than an outside force swooping in and “Napstering” us, we can do our own disrupting!  I’ve always been an innovator and realized that this industry needed disrupting when I joined it 5 1/2 years ago. It’s not necessarily going to be easy but as they say “nothing worth having comes easy“. Let’s do this!


Josh Kaufman, Sales Executive at Humana (Employer Groups 2-3000)
M 818.624.7600     E
Vanguard Council Committee 2014-15

Why did you join Vanguard Council?  We are seeing the greatest change in the insurance industry in our lifetime.  It’s all about working together to be more inclusive sharing ideas with the next generation and helping others find their way. The mission of Vanguard Council resonated with me: people leading the way with new developments or ideas.  Anytime an organization wants to get new ideas to help transform itself, I’m up for the challenge.


Allison Kritz ADP

Allison Kritz
ADP, Broker Relationship Manager
M 949.330.9719     E
6300 Canoga Ave, Suite 400
CA Insurance License OG11589

Why did you join Vanguard Council?  It is refreshing to be surrounded by likeminded individuals who want to further their expertise by partnering, sharing best practices, and learning from one another. Allowing smaller brokerages to remain competitive technologically, ADP builds mutually beneficial partnerships to bring payroll services, benefit enrollment & administration, ACA compliance and a myriad of other solutions that insurance brokers can offer as their own. Through this symbiotic relationship, where the broker handles all insurance needs and ADP delivers on all things HR, together we can bring a fully integrated solution to our prospects. Vanguard shares the same values that together, we can achieve more, and that is why we are all here.



Phil Litvin photo

Phil Litvin, Business Development Exec at First Capitol Consulting
Vanguard Council Committee 2014-15
M 310.382.0343     E

Why did you join Vanguard Council?  Health Care Reform, the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) in particular is changing the landscape and the playing field of the healthcare world. Young professionals just coming into the game have an untapped and unrealized advantage in that they are not married to the traditional methodology of this industry. Building a network of partners, channels and strategic alliances is paramount to success, and I joined the Vanguard Council to bring together young professionals across many fields and businesses to do just that. Using our network of experts and technology, young brokers should be able to accommodate any client or prospect, and be able to compete with anybody including the titans at the top of this industry.


Lucero_Juliet_071415Juliet Lucero, Account Executive at Keenan & Associates
LAAHU Social Media Chair 2014-15
2355 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 200, Torrance, CA 90501
M: 760.622.6080  E: Blog: W
CA License Number: 0E04397

Why Vanguard Council? When I first started working with employee benefit in 2003, I quickly realized how behind the times the insurance industry was. I’ve always been interested in computers and the internet and had a solid technical background prior to working with health insurance. I immediately started implementing technology into the small insurance broker I was working for at the time. I converted the agency to a paperless office and even developed a quasi online enrollment option for a dental plan we administered. Back then there wasn’t dozens of Ben Admin systems to choose from and none of them were free or inexpensive. I really wanted to get ahead of the curve in this area. I implemented online enrollment before most other brokers did for all of my clients. I am really excited that so many new technology options are on the market now. With so many options that will be coming out, I see Vanguard Council as a way to be introduced to all the latest and greatest ideas and applications! Goodbye paper, hello smart phones!


Michael LujanMichael Lujan, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Limelight Health
CAHU President
M 415.335.0535     E
645 Harrison Street, Suite 200, SF, CA 94107

Why Vanguard Council? Our industry is in the process of radical transformation. There are clear trends which promise to usher the next wave of innovation and technology for the employee benefits industry. Vanguard Council represents the group of industry leaders who will lead this transformation and next generation of benefits professionals. For me, Vanguard Council is a meeting place for innovators and rising stars to network and share ideas… and have some fun in the process.


Chad SchneiderChad Schneider, Chief Sales Officer at Code SixFour
Vanguard Council Founding Member and National Co-Chair 2012-2014

W 818.646.3344     M 424.251.4636     E

Why Vanguard Council? When I decided to get involved and help define the national message for Vanguard Council I saw a profound opportunity to help redefine and craft the entire industry.  Out of chaos comes opportunity and this industry is overflowing with opportunity for those who want it and will go after it.  I look at it like the Gold Rush and it is time for the motivated brokers and consultants to stake their claim.  There are few opportunities to be part of change that is this big and like Steve Jobs and Apple proclaim “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are usually the ones who do”.


Nitai SpiroNitai Spiro, TriNet
310.258.6804     E     W
1640 S Sepulveda Blvd, Ste 200, LA, CA 90025

Why Vanguard Council?   Vanguard Council provides an opportunity to build personal relationships with the broker community. It’s a great resource to engage with and receive valuable information from re: the evolving insurance industry and the impact these changes are having on brokers/agents. TriNet is an established PEO and one of the few broker-friendly PEOs in the marketplace. I am here to help brokers maintain their relationships with their clients by providing them with an additional resource to compete against the likes of Zenefits and various other PEOs.