Welcome to the Vanguard Council LA landing page! We are a subset of LAAHU, which is a chapter of NAHU. We used to be known as YAHU. Too many acronyms for you? Yeah, me too.  All you need to know is our Mission Statement:


Inspire & cultivate a community of thought leaders, innovators, trailblazers who are reshaping our industry to support success through connections.

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In the spirit of the above-described mission, we welcome all ideas and inspiration for DISRUPTION in this industry that really needs it!

  • The most important RULE Is that there are NO SET RULES – we are open to ideas for anything that will lead to collaboration of like-minded people in our industry! Please contact us with your ideas, thoughts, criticism, concerns
  • We plan to have 2 events per quarter designed to bring together DISRUPTORS like you in a fun, collaborative environment
  • Sometimes we will even be crazy enough to do something active like a group fitness activity – keep an eye on our EVENT CALENDAR
  • Meet the Board – we are always looking for more support! Join the Board!
  • A portion of our proceeds from the events will always go to charity!  More on the charities we support
  • Plan for Vanguard Council of LA – we are sharing it because we welcome collaboration

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