By contributing author Cindy Jones

There was a buzz in the air at LA Live on April 13 when more than 50 agents, carrier folk and vendors ended a long day with a tall one at Lucky Strike.

What, with all the media, balloon arches, music…who knew that LA loved insurance agents that much. Oh wait, there was a small Laker event at Staples Center that night, too – I think it was some guy’s retirement party.

Nevertheless, we all had great parking spots (that’s what happens when you get to the Convention Center before the sun comes up), a private room and plenty of great apps, not to mention fierce bowling competitions and a few intense, but friendly, games of pool.

To top it all off, “Mr. Pin” was in the house working the crowd, dancing and posing for photos.

Truly a great way to end a fantastic University Day (Team Vanguard Council can really deal black jack like pros), trade in the corporate shoes for bowling shoes and wait out the traffic.

Many thanks to our Lucky Strike event sponsors LimeLight Health and Washington National who made it all possible.